A warning has been issued that the skills shortage within the industry is about to turn into a skills crisis due to hard Brexit.

This will potentially see the point system in place for non EU migrants extended. This would severely hit the industry as many unskilled and semi skilled migrants are currently filling the gaps on site. Even in the best scenario of a soft Brexit, the industry would still lose out on around 135,000 workers.

Arcadis, the company who issued this warning, forecasts possible rising costs and the delay/cancellation of current housing and infrastructure projects. Therefore, they are advising that the industry needs to urgently modernise. It apparently needs to accelerate the use of technology and off site manufacturing.

An employee at Arcadis stated, “what started as a skills gap could soon turn into a skills gulf.”

“The British construction sector has been built on overseas labour for generations, and restrictions of any sorts – be it hard or soft Brexit – will hit the industry.”

“The likes of robotics and off site manufacturing have never been taken as seriously as they should be, but they could well prove the difference.”

“In the short term retaining and turning to the unemployed and underemployed could be a significant benefit to an industry under significant pressure.”

“Be it hard or soft Brexit, we need to take back control of the construction industry.”

So what do you think? How do you feel Brexit will impact the industry? Do you disagree and feel it will improve things? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: www.constructionenquirer.com