Apparently, the construction industry is the most hygienic profession! Research into the British public’s showering habits has revealed that those in the IT and education sectors are actually the most likely to neglect their hygiene.

Over three thousand British adults were surveyed, and asked a variety of different questions regarding their hygiene habits. The highest response across the board was regarding whether participants washed their hands every time they’d been to the toilet. 61% revealed that yes, they did, with soap and water. An additional 22% also revealed that yes they washed their hands, but just with water, no soap. A small 17% stated though, that they did not wash their hands every time.

Then, the survey went on to ask respondents about their showering habits in the summer months. The average number of showers a week tended to be around eight and a half. However, this was blown out of the water by the responses from construction workers who revealed they had an average of around fourteen showers a week in the warmer weather. They even beat out those working in hospitals and doctors surgeries!

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The CEO of, who conducted the research, revealed though that this actually made perfect sense. He revealed: “whilst it may be baffling to some people that those working on construction sites shower more than those who work in doctors surgeries and hospitals, it actually makes perfect sense.”

“Even just walking around outside on a hot day is difficult and results in many a sweaty Brit.”

“Just imagine having to work a manual job in this heat; no wonder they need two showers a day to cool down!”

“It’s nice to know that these professionals keep themselves clean and take care of themselves, even in such a physically demanding job.”

So what do you think? Do you agree that construction is the most hygienic profession? Let us know in the comments below.


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