Apparently, heavy machinery is more than just a tool some of you lot need to get the job done. Instead, it’s also a way to have a great deal of fun! Well, this is according to a new construction-themed park anyway. The park is made up of excavators, diggers and all different types of heavy machinery that customers can pay to drive around the site. And to think, you lot get paid to do it!

Located in Northern Dallas, Extreme Sandbox opened in 2016. It was designed by owner Randy Stenger, who had no previous construction experience when he began to plot the idea back in 2009. Instead, he simply hoped that other people would share his enjoyment of driving around in heavy machinery.

But this park isn’t just for fun either, it also aims to nurture and train future, prospective construction workers. In addition to this, it also offers training to those in the industry as well.

He described: “we really have tried to focus on ‘edutainment’ and as a part of that we have heavy equipment camps that gets high school kids exposure to the construction trades.”

This doesn’t come cheap though, to spend an hour with one of the machines, it costs $195, around £151 here in the UK. And for seven hours up close and personal with three machines, it would cost a whopping $895, around £700 here. And to think, some of you lot get to do it every day and don’t pay a penny!

But what do you think of this? A good idea? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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