Tool theft can change a tradesman’s life. Costing thousands of pounds to replace tools, workers can struggle to get back on their feet. Alongside financial issues, tool theft can affect workers personally too. The pain associated with it can be devastating.

But, for Lee Newman, tool theft wasn’t the only thing he had to deal with. He had to face it twice, whilst battling with terminal cancer.

Back in February of last year, Lee woke up to find that he had fallen victim to tool theft. With £5,000 worth of tools stolen, Lee faced the expensive prospect of replacing all of his tools. Working hard to raise the money to replace them though, and adding extra security to his van, Lee was able to get back on his feet.

However, unfortunately, this was not the end of Lee’s bad luck. He was soon handed another piece of terrible news.

He had cancer.

Diagnosed in August 2017 with incurable Lymphoma, doctors told Lee that whilst his cancer was treatable, it was ultimately incurable.

Trying to remain positive though, Lee returned to work. He did this whilst undergoing weekly sessions of chemotherapy. Unfortunately though, just before Christmas last year, Lee woke to find his tools had been stolen once again.

Thieves were able to get into the worker’s van using a copy key. This rendered all of his added security and preventative measures useless. Using this, they were able to run off with thousands of pounds worth of tools. Tools that Lee had worked so hard to get back.

He described: “When my tools were stolen again in December, with everything else that was going on, I just thought, ‘what’s the point?’.”

But, Lee’s luck was about to change. After coming across his story, leading manufacturers Armorgard were able to offer Lee a glimmer of hope. Specialising in secure tool storage, when members of the Armorgard team came across Lee’s story, they knew they needed to help. Touched by his battle with both cancer and tool theft, they launched a campaign to help him get his tools back.

Running the campaign across social media, they were able to pull in contributions from a variety of companies willing to help Lee. Gathering an array of tools and products, they were able to provide Lee with some of the things he needed to get back on his feet. Alongside this, Armorgard also donated one of their Tuffbank TB2 tool storage boxes. This was in order to try and help prevent Lee from falling victim to tool theft once again.

Company’s across the UK joined together to help Lee get back on his feet!

Managing Director Terry Mitchell described: “I’m delighted that we were able to help Lee in his fight to get back to work.”

“And, at the same time, hit back at the thieves who did their best to destroy his business.”

“This campaign really highlights the caring and collaborative side of the construction industry and also shows how we are all rallying together to try and combat the serious issue of tool theft.”

“It also demonstrates the power of social media to bring businesses together to support a cause.”

“We’re delighted that so many of our suppliers responded to our call to action.”

Lee added: “It’s amazing having so many people help you when you’re at your lowest and you feel so much that’s happening is bad.”

“When something like this happens you feel like you’ve won the lottery!”

“I’m so grateful.”

Aware of the increasing number of tool thefts across the UK, Armorgard have also decided to launch another campaign. This time, to help raise awareness of the problem of tool theft. To take a look at how you can help protect yourself against tool theft, check out Armorgard’s range of products at

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