One worker has been captured hilariously calling out the Cornwall Council as he prank applies for one of their jobs.

The video begins seemingly normal in which it appears that the young worker is genuinely applying for the job as he describes how long he has been a labourer. However, this soon changes as he continues to add, “I mill around day to day to try and do as little as possible.”

Then, he goes on to expose the council’s workers for what they have been up to today. The worker describes that he has been on site since seven am. During this time, he states that he has seen two council workers, of which “haven’t got out of the van all morning.”

Adding to this, he asked where he could apply for the job as this was the type of work he would like to do. He corrects himself though as the recipient of the call struggles to respond. He states that they hadn’t in fact just sat in the van. Instead, “they got out earlier to go and get a cup of tea.”

“They’ve come back and I really want to apply for the job.”

To this, the recipient of the call manages to respond, asking whether the construction worker would like to make a complaint. To which, the labourer describes that “the only complaint is that I want their job!”

Remaining professional on the other end of the call, the council member asks the worker what details he would like to give him then. However, he does describe that the jobs of those two specific workers are not available. But that instead, he can still make a complaint.

To this, the labourer insists once again he doesn’t want to make a complaint, he just wants a job like that. Therefore, the worker is recommended to head over to the website and see what jobs are available. The labourer continues the joke though clarifying what job title he should use asking whether it would be under “sit in van all day”, or something else.

Take a look at the hilarious footage here:

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