With summer fast approaching, studies have begun to look into workers annual leave. Specifically, Britain’s holiday makers have been the subject of these studies, with researchers noting their habits.

Research has shown though that those who take the least annual leave are in fact, construction workers! 3,172 workers across the nation were studied. These individuals were all aged 18 and over and in full time employment.

The results showed that on average, construction workers take the least amount of annual leave. This is compared to many other professions, even 24/7 professions such as healthcare.

Many workers felt they were “too busy” to take time off though, according to Sunshine, the holiday provider that conducted the study. Sunshine director Chris Clarkson felt this was worrying though. Clarkson stated, “it’s understandable that work gets busy from time to time, but that’s all the more reasons to take some time off.”

He also felt that the results were quite concerning. This was because workers in the construction sector “can’t afford to make mistakes.”

By not taking the full amount of annual leave he stated that “not taking time away from work can lead to tiredness and errors.”

So what do you think? How much holiday do you take each year? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: www.scottishconstructionnow.com