A construction worker has recently been captured to have been using his phone whilst driving an 11-tonne vehicle through a busy city centre packed with pedestrians.

Taken in Edinburgh, the image shows the driver concentrating on his phone instead of the road. Whilst at traffic lights, it is seen that a variety of pedestrians are waiting to cross, including a mother with her child. The junction also appeared to busy, in wet and rainy conditions.

People are not happy about this image and the actions of the worker. An AA spokesperson stated: “there is no question: this driver is breaking the law.”

“He may be stopped at red traffic lights but he remains in control of a vehicle – and not just any vehicle, this is a large and heavy crane that requires considerable skill and concentration to drive especially through urban streets.”

“If he is prepared to use a hand-held phone while sitting at a traffic light, what’s to prevent the temptation of using it overcome him while driving?”

“The only place for a hand-held device is in the glove compartment where it is out of sight and out of temptation.”

“There have been too many tragic examples of people being killed and seriously injured thanks to someone using a hand-held phone while driving.”

“When will this driver learn?”

The image was received by Scotland’s Worst Drivers. A spokesperson for the company stated: “whilst using a mobile phone whilst driving is illegal, it’s especially reckless whilst in control of heavy machinery such as this telehandler forklift.”

“Drivers of such vehicles need to be aware of their surroundings at all times, and it’s clear this driver is only concentrating on his mobile phone.”

“A driving licence is required to drive a forklift on public road, therefore, he is risking 6 points, a fine and possibly his job.”

According to statistics, the increased penalties for using your phone whilst driving isn’t putting people off either. Instead, new statistics have revealed that in fact, 200 drivers are found to be on their phone whilst driving daily.

With our lives being taken over by these tiny devices, construction workers are apparently some of the worst for being on their phones when they shouldn’t be. Specifically, when they should be working. According to surveys, a whopping 78% of construction workers use their phones when they should be working. Take a look at the full results here.

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Source: www.deadlinenews.co.uk

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