Whilst working on a residential home, one group of construction workers came across something rather unusual. Whilst working on the garage, they struck a metal coffin which contained a young child, no more than three years old.

This discovery was made last year by workers in the San Fransisco area. Initially, the girl was buried with the 30,000 others. However, her remains were left behind when these gravesites were moved from San Francisco to a memorial park in Colma.

The discovery was made whilst workers were remodelling homeowner Ericka Karner’s San Francisco home. And when they struck the metal coffin, they could see through the glass of the small coffin to perfectly see the preserved skin and blonde hair.

One worker described: “all the hair was still there. The nails were there. There were flowers – roses, still on the child’s body.”

“It was a sight to see.”

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When she was initially found, she was given the name Miranda Eve and reburied with this name. However, researchers at the Garden of Innocence didn’t give up and continued to hunt for her true identity, which they later found out to be Edith Howard Cook, who died in 1876.

The Garden of Innocence’s Michael Dunn described the importance of her burial: “she was forgotten and overlooked for more than 100 years, that ends today.”

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