Working in the construction industry can be really stressful. From the early starts, to the taxes, there can be a real lack of work life balance when it comes to being a construction worker.

And, research has found that this lack of work life balance is putting a strain on workers. Especially on their bodies. In fact, it has been found that working in the construction industry can be so stressful, that workers end up feeling like they look nine years older than they actually are.

The study, conducted by Remescar, looked into the the attitudes of the British towards beauty. Within this, they focused on how work can impact a person’s appearance. 2,401 people were quizzed about their work lives and the impact they felt it had on their appearance.

The results found that three quarters of people felt that their jobs placed a large amount of stress upon them. Even to the point that they believed it aged them. But, despite this, only a third revealed that they would consider switching to a less stressful job. This was because many individuals “love their jobs” and “get on well with their colleagues.”

Alongside this, money was also a factor. 20% stated they wouldn’t switch careers due to the fact that they “have a good salary.”

Of all the industry’s though, the construction industry was ranked third as one of the top sectors that prematurely ages their workers. They ranked just behind those in the healthcare and education industries. And, making into into fourth and fifth place were the food and beverage and agriculture sectors.

On the opposite end of the scale though, were some professions whose workers stated that their job made them look younger. At the top of this list was those working in hair and beauty. They felt that their job made them look six years younger!

Of the individuals who felt their job aged them though, 68% stated they believed it was because they had to work longer than their contractual hours. 71% also admitted that they felt it was due to worrying about their job outside of work too.

The marketing manager of Remescar stated: “There are a whole variety of factors that can impact our looks; our genes, our lifestyle – such as whether we drink or smoke – but stress can definitely have an impact too.”

“Stress from within our families, stress with regards to our finances and stress within our day jobs are all things which can take their toll.”

“It’s interesting to see which workers feel their jobs make them look older, or even younger.”

“We can only begin to imagine the level of stress that comes from working within healthcare, having people’s lives in your hands on a daily basis, working in education, shaping future generations, and with construction it’s all about meeting deadlines and working outside in all weathers.”

“That’s not to say that those working in hair & beauty don’t experience a high level of stress too, they’re just fortunate that it doesn’t show as much through their appearance.”

So what do you think? Do you feel that your job ages you? Or do you feel younger than ever? Let us know in the comments below.


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