A group of construction workers have recently been branded hero’s after they defended a homeowner against armed hijackers in a standoff between bullets and bricks.

The incident took place in South Africa where twenty-eight tradesmen were working on the second floor of a house. Whilst on their lunch break, the workers witnessed the next door neighbour hurtle onto his drive with another vehicle speeding close behind him. One of the workers described: “lunchtime was almost over when I saw the man from next door rushing into his house with a Golf 7 following behind him.”

“When I saw a person wearing a balaclava with a gun‚ I just took a rock and threw it at his car. It hit the windscreen.”

“I screamed and called my other colleagues and they came and also just starting flinging rocks at the car of the hijackers.”

“I think when the rock hit the car‚ they [the group of hijackers] thought someone was shooting at them.”

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This attack from the construction workers allowed the homeowner to drive his car into his garage and get the door closed behind him. One of the hijackers though began to shoot at the construction workers as they continued to catapult bricks and rocks at them.

After ramming down the gate to the homeowner’s property, the hijackers soon scattered. Speedily, they drove away in what was now a seriously battered car. One construction worker described: “it was like something from a movie. I had never heard a gun being fired that close to me.”

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The homeowner marvelled at the construction workers heroic acts. He stated: “they continued to throw these rocks while the guy shot at them until the car fled with a broken windshield‚ mirror caps etc.”

“I would just like to thank the 28 workers who launched that endless volley of debris at the hijackers so that I had enough time to speed into my garage and close it.”

“Nice to see South Africans united against crime‚ you guys are champions!”

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Source: www.scottishconstructionnow.com

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