Apparently, the average British construction worker eats around 1,500 more calories than their recommended daily intake. This is according to a survey conducted by which found that despite this, less than 1/5 of workers felt they were overweight.

The study centred around the eating habits of British builders, which were then compared to those with less physical, office based jobs. 2,193 male construction workers took part from across the UK.

It was found that on average the most common food to eat whilst on site was a breakfast baguette. 64% of builders favoured this option, followed by 51% enjoying a pie or pastie on site. A classic burger and chips were also strong contenders with 48% of workers enjoying this type of food regularly, with 35% preferring a full English fry up.

In comparison to this, only 17% stated that sandwiches were their most common meal choice. And only 4% ate salads at work too.

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71% of workers did admit though that they had an unhealthy diet when at work, and regularly ate unhealthy food. 21% admitted that this was because they were “lazy” when it came to their diet. Fifty-one percent though felt that it was due to “not being able to access healthy food options.”

Despite eating 1,500 more calories than the recommended daily intake though, only 1/5 of workers felt they were overweight. Instead, the majority of workers felt that they were either underweight or at a healthy weight.

So what do you think? Do you agree with this? How much do you eat when you’re on site? Let us know in the comments below.


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