When a group of workers began work on a cesspit, they found something they were definitely not expecting. And no, it wasn’t a ground worker taking a bath. As they began to make holes in the cesspit, something very strange appeared. A furry hand. With very sharp looking claws.

They soon established though that this clawed hand belonged to a very big, very dangerous animal. A bear.

The cesspit the workers were grafting on was located in Turkey. It was positioned next to a chicken factory indicating that the bear got stuck there whilst scavenging for chicken carcases.

A local described the incident. “In the morning when a worker took the dead chickens into the pit, at that moment came a roaring sound.”

It was at this point that the digging team were sent in to investigate the sound. They soon realised though that they were dealing with a wild, potentially deadly animal. However, nonetheless, they were able to successfully free the bear from his imprisonment, without any harm caused to the animal or the workers.

One spectator marvelled at the site of the creature. “The way that bear moved was terrifying.”

Another stated: “I thought that was a person’s hands helping dig with concrete gloves on. Then I saw the whole hairy arm.”

Take a look at the alarming footage here:

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Source: www.dailystar.co.uk

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