600full-trainspotting-screenshotConstruction workers have questioned the accuracy of site drug tests after some failed the test after consuming nothing stronger than COUGH MIXTURE!

One agency boss said: “We supply operatives to a lot of major sites and have been having problems with this recently.

“One of our lads failed the initial test which was a nightmare for him and us because he was one of the first workers we’d placed on the site.

“The contractor had only carried out a swab test and our lad said he’d taken nothing stronger than cough syrup.

“We paid for a proper follow-up blood test which came back negative.
“But by that time the job had gone and everyone had been tarnished with this.”

Construction workers and some employers are now questioning the accuracy of tests.

One said: “These initial tests are becoming common but I’m not sure how accurate they are.

“They seem to be too sensitive because they keep coming back positive for the slightest thing.

“The problem is once a failed test is registered no-one wants to go through the expense of a proper blood test and everyone is immediately labelled as having a drug problem.”

All of this follows a recent tribunal involving a Bristol-based bus driver who was sacked following a positive drugs test. The tribunal found in his favour after it was found that the result could’ve been triggered by him handling bank notes contaminated with cocaine.

Many people think that these tests are far too sensitive and don’t always root out the real offenders. Have you ever had an negative experience with a dodgy drugs test, lets us know below…