Two construction workers are lucky to be alive after they recently fell forty feet after a construction accident.

The incident took place at an office building under construction at Facebook’s California headquarters and resulted in the workers being rushed to hospital by emergency services. Whilst working on a horizontal cross beam, the workers fell forty feet. Luckily, the workers were wearing full safety gear at the time. However, they still sustained significant injuries, including broken bones, which were then treated at the local hospital.

An initial investigation has concluded that something shook or shifted the building that the tradesmen were working on. This then caused it to become unstable and unfortunately, the workers fell. A crane was also in operation at the point when the workers fell which indicates that something may have fallen off the crane and hit the building. However, at this point, it is still unclear.

Fire services stated: “There was rebar all over the place they could have landed on so if you want to say lucky for surviving, unlucky that it happened, but lucky.”

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“I’m not sure if it was a beam failing or if something was dropped.”

“There was something that occurred with the metal framing that they were working with. What we saw it was a little bit distorted.”

Now, it appears that the building has also shifted five degrees out in terms of alignment and “part of the building looks tipped over.”

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