Based on the film Full Metal Jacket, our ‘full metal hi-vis’ spoof takes a twist on this iconic war film.

Using tools as their weapons, the workers recreate a battle on site, much to their bosses annoyance. With the drama in full force, when the boss comes back out, the lads look like they’re in for a telling off.

That is until he reaches for his drill…

Take a look at our take on the iconic film for yourself here:

Created for building merchant’s Jewson, this video was a great example of increasing awareness for the brand. While the video isn’t all about Jewson, the subtle placement of Jewson branding in the background makes for a perfect brand awareness piece.

And, with over eight hundred thousand views it was certainly well received by our audience. The comments were full of people loving the video. One user even commented: “Don’t we all slam a new battery in like a fresh mag?”

There’s no other way to do it!

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