A recent study has found that construction workers are at the top when it comes to considering killing their boss!

With Christmas out of the way and the January blues well and truly upon us, the UK workforce has returned to work. For some, this is a good thing, getting back into a routine. However, for others, going back to work is the worst, especially after a prolonged break.

And, in a recent survey, it has been found that some people dislike work so much, that they have actually imagined killing their boss! The poll, which was made up of 2,200 workers, found that 1 in 10 people have imagined killing their employer.

At the top of the list was construction workers. They were found to have the worst relationships with their bosses and line managers. In fact, nearly a quarter (22%) of construction workers stated that they’d had murderous thoughts about their boss.  Closely behind them was those working in the media industry with 15% admitting that they’d imagined killing their boss.

When looking into UK workers as a whole, 1 in 5 workers stated that they would turn down a pay rise if it meant that their boss would be fired! When looking at the reasons behind this, it was found that many workers believed their boss wasn’t “fit for purpose”. In fact, 73% of workers felt that they could do their bosses job better than them.

Retail workers were the most negative about their jobs though. Nearly a third stated that they “hated it”. Following closely behind them was construction workers with 27% of tradespeople agreeing that they too hated their job.

In general, it was found that a more than a third of workers described that they actually dread going to work every day. Alongside this, 60% were also feeling the pressure. Specifically, in relation to working extra hours. Additional research has found that in fact, 48% of construction workers lose sleep due to stress from work! Take a look at the full report here.

Another of the key factors that contributed to not being happy at work was that their bosses set them impossible tasks. Alongside this, there was also taking the blame for their bosses mistakes and feeling that they hadn’t gained recognition for their work. 45% even stated that they had been ignored by their boss and 48% added that their boss had taken credit for their work too.

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Source: www.ibtimes.co.uk

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