Are you counting down the days, hours, minutes to your next holiday? Dying to get out of the dreary English weather for a break in the sun?

Well, the good news is that summer is fast approaching. In fact, there’s around 40 days until that splendid season! But, how many of you lot will be taking some time off work this year?

Well, according to research by holiday makers Sunshine, construction workers are the worst for taking time off. Instead, construction workers take the least amount of annual leave in the UK compared to any other profession!

Within the study, 3,172 workers across the nation were surveyed. From a variety of sectors, all of the respondents were aged 18 and over, in full time employment, and entitled to 28 days of holiday. To produce an unbiased selection of results, an equal number from each of the 30 sectors took part in the study.

From this, the results showed that on average, construction workers take the least amount of annual leave. This is even compared to many other professions such as healthcare which are 24/7.

The reasoning behind this though was that many workers felt they were simply “too busy” to take any time off. This was found to be worrying though in the eyes of Sunshine director Chris Clarkson. He described: “I can’t see why anyone with an allocated, paid holiday allowance would not take it all over the course of the year.”

“It’s understandable that work gets busy from time to time, but that’s all the more reason to take some time off… not a reason to just sacrifice your annual leave.”

“This is actually a really worrying trend, particularly because people working in construction and healthcare can’t afford to make mistakes in their jobs due to the nature of their roles and the environments they work in.”

“Not taking time away from work can lead to tiredness and, in turn, errors.”

So what do you lot think of this? How much holiday do you take each year? Let us know in the comments below.


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