Apparently, 400,000 more construction workers are needed within the next five years.

This averages out that a new worker will need to be hired every 77 seconds! According to construction consultancy Acardis, this will have to be consistent until 2021.

This increase in workers is apparently necessary though due to the increasing demands for new houses. Not only that, but the workforce is also decreasing and there isn’t enough new construction workers to fill the gap.

Research has shown, that if the 270,000 new homes are to be built every year, then a further 370,000 workers will be necessary to achieve this goal. Research also concluded that if this larger workforce is not obtained, then costs will rocket.

Apparently, carpenters and joiners are the most needed trades. Alongside them, electricians, plumbers and bricklayers are also essentially needed. This research though has not taken into consideration any foreign labour which could also have a further impact.

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Acardis’ workplace planning director James Bryce, stated: “what we have is not a skills gap; it is a skills gulf.”

“If we don’t have the right people to build the homes and infrastructure we need, the UK is going to struggle  to maintain its competitive position in the global economy.”

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