Construction workers, naturally, are hands on people. Grafting away on site, it’s a given. However, some take this graft home with them. And, mixed with a bit of creativity, transform an area in their home.

The one we see most here in the UK though, is the transformation of a garden shed. Whether that be into a man cave, a gaming station, or a bar, some of the best garden sheds have come from construction workers in the UK!

Researchers found that on average, the British people rely on their garden shed quite a lot, storing an average of £457 worth of equipment in there. Alongside this, 35% of garden sheds have lighting and another 11% are heated.

Seven per cent also have a tv too and an added 5% have a sofa as well. One construction worker took it a step further though than having just a bit of lighting and a battered sofa in his garden shed. Instead, he decided to add a secret room to what is, from the outside, a seemingly normal garden shed.

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As the wall is pulled back though, it displays a hidden bar. With the wall lined with an array of drinks and glasses, and a mini fridge keeping things cool, this guy is definitely ready for some great barbecues in the summer.

But that’s not all, there’s even a seating area, kitted out with lights to enjoy the home made bar in style. In the comments, people were praising his creation too. One user commented: “now that’s a shed.” With many others remarking on ways to even improve it as well!

Take a look at this guy’s garden shed here:

So what do you think? Have you kitted out your garden shed? Let us know in the comments below.


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