Apparently, 48% of construction workers lose sleep due to work related concerns. Whether this is to do with worries over budgets, client demands or a heavy workload, their stress appear to be predominantly work related.

According to research, almost 70% of construction workers also suffer from what it termed as “Sunday night blues.” Dreading to go to work the next day, 35% of respondents revealed that stressing about their workload contributed towards their lack of sleep.

Client demands were also a big issue. 25% of tradesmen felt that demands from clients caused them so much stress, that it impacted their sleep. A further 24% also felt that budget concerns contributed to this too.

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Alongside these three main concerns, the study revealed that management, salaries and politics within the workplace were also contributing factors that led to a lack of sleep for construction workers. Bu a lack of sleep is not the only factor impacted by these work related stresses. The research also indicated that they had impacts upon mood and enthusiasm in general too.

The results displayed that workplace stresses resulted in 23% of respondents feeling tired and drained after work. Not only that, but a further 19% also felt that they had lost their sense of humour because of these worries, and 23% felt their personal relationships were impacted by it too.

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The co owner of A-Safe, the company who conducted the research, revealed: “everyone at work will come across workplace stress or worries at some point in their career.”

“We wanted to see how employees in different industries cope with workplace stresses, and what impact this might have on Health & Safety.”

“The results suggest that worries at work can have a negative impact on life outside the office, leading to actions that could affect work performance.”

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