Construction workers at a site in Aberdeen have been reported to have been having to “go into the woods and dig a hole” due to the state of the toilets on site.

Claims have been made that it has been three weeks since the site toilets were cleaned. As a result, workers have been so desperate for the toilet, that they have had to go into the woods. Others, who were not so desperate though, had to drive to nearby shops and restaurants.

A whistleblower told the Evening Express: “When I first started here there was a cleaner that would come twice a day.”

“Now they have one cleaner for the whole thing who has been off, and it’s absolutely disgusting.”

“The smell is horrendous.”

Aberdeen Roads Ltd, the project contractor, have been contacted requesting information as to when action will be taken on the matter. A Transport Scotland spokesperson added that the company “takes its responsibilities seriously.”

These aren’t the only workers to have a toilet nightmare either. One plumber had a right mare after he was covered in sewage whilst trying to fix a pipe. Watch the poor plumber get covered here.

But what do you think of this? Could you deal with a toilet like this on site? Let us know in the comments below.


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