In recent years, tool theft has well and truly rocketed. And, over the past few months, more and more reports are flooding in each and every day.

But what is being done about it? Is there anything being done about it?

Well, currently, there is the recommendation that the best way for tradespeople to keep their tools safe is to not leave them in their vans. But, of course, with people working away and having limited space, it’s not always possible. Take a look at some of the top tips on how to keep your tools safe here.

Therefore, tradespeople are now calling for more to be done. Specifically, they want tougher penalties for the thieves who commit these crimes. But that’s not all. Alongside this, they also want stricter guidelines and laws to be put in place for the selling of second-hand tools too.

Lee Watts, a fellow tradesman, started a campaign to try and achieve this goal. Since launching, his campaign has gained traction and seen thousands of tradespeople signing the petition. Alongside this, the Home Office has also acknowledged that there is a major issue with tool theft too. Take a look at the petition here.

Lee described that he has also been in contact with some of the major hotel groups as well. Including that of Premier Inn, Travelodge and Holiday Inn. There, he has requested that they look into providing extra security for work vans. Specifically, security patrolled van only parking areas for tradespeople who are having to stay in a hotel whilst working away.

However, there is still a way to go before things are changed. Therefore, in conjunction with Mr Alex Horner, and his Facebook group of over 2,000 members, tradespeople are coming together from across the country to take part in a van demo. The aim of which is to show how many tradespeople are truly impacted by tool theft.

The event is set to take place this Sunday (the 18th) in Plymouth. Travelling from the midlands, Lee is calling for any tradespeople who would like to join him and help raise awareness. Lee added: “We need to raise awareness and bring the seriousness of this problem to the attention of our Government.”

“I will be meeting any tradesmen who want to join the demo at 6am on Frankley Services between junctions 3 & 4 on the M5 southbound.”

“Then, we will be leaving at 6.30am to meet others at various service stations on the journey down to Plymouth.”

“For anyone who is interested please email me on”

So what do you think of this? Let us know in the comments below.

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