Working in the construction industry is a stressful business. Whether this is to do with the pressures of being self-employed, the long hours, the late payments, there’s a lot of factors that can contribute to a tradesperson’s stress levels.

But, recent research has found that even after work is done, many tradespeople struggle to de-stress. In fact, it was found that more than half of construction workers do nothing outside of work to relieve stress. Specifically, it was found that 51% do “little or nothing” to manage their stress levels.

The survey, made up of over 1,000 UK adults and conducted by, found that of the trades, the plumbers were some of the worst for doing this. When looking at why tradespeople don’t de-stress though, time was found to be the biggest barrier. This was closely followed by money which 1/3 found to be an issue.

The co-founder of described, “It’s extremely worrying how many workers within the trades sectors, such as construction and plumbing, claim they do not prioritise getting the stress relief that is so important for maintaining their mental health.”

“The irony is that this can actually become a vicious cycle.”

“If we don’t make time for stress relief, this can lead to becoming more stressed or even burnout, both of which can reduce productivity further.”

“It’s in the managers and bosses’ interests to ensure that employees actually do take measures to manage their stress levels.”

“Whether that’s communicating how important this, allowing them flexi-time so that they can attend whatever activity it is that they do to relieve stress, or even providing classes or workshops for their workforce.”

“As well as reducing stress, this can positively impact on employees’ focus, concentration and efficiency in the workplace.”

“We see this time and again.”

“Employers who provide workers with healthy and stress-busting ‘perks’ like yoga, meditation or even arts and craft workshops reap the rewards in a more productive – and satisfied – workforce.”

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But what do you think of this? How stressful is working in construction? And is it hard to de-stress after a day on site? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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