Storm Doris tore through the UK on Friday with winds reaching 100 mph. Debris was flying through the streets, trains were cancelled and hard hats were flying off heads.

Understandably, it was very difficult for many tradespeople to work in these conditions. But one guy really wasn’t giving up! Despite strong winds, this tradesmen was determined to get the job done, despite storm Doris’ attempts to stop him.

Throughout, the worker battles against the wind to try and get the job done. The tradesman is initially captured trying to move a board. However, Storm Doris wants to make sure this isn’t easy for him. Picking the board up with ease, the tradesmen appears to have it all under control. However, that soon changes.

As the tradesmen lifts the board, it suddenly snaps, engulfing him into a man/board sandwich. This, then also drags him back sightly before the board is taken away by the wind. However, this doesn’t stop him though. He then goes back up to get another one, determined to get the job done!

This is where things look like they’re being to get better for the tradesman! He impressively manages to get to the other side of the street and looks like he’s beaten storm Doris in this round. Using the board as a shield against the wind, he is able to rush over to the other side without the board breaking. However, once again this soon changes.

This time, the board is blown over by the wind, taking the worker with it. He is captured falling to the ground and being covered by the large board. With his feet in the air and the board also pinning his body down, it is safe to say that Doris one this one!

Take a look at the full video here:

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Have you had a similar experience? Did you have to battle against storm Doris yesterday? Let us know in the comments below.

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