Mrs Johnston employed a ‘builder’ to build an extension on her home, making life easier for herself and her husband. Unfortunately though, whilst the building work was taking place, her husband passed away. Now all alone, Mrs Johnston had to continue to pay the builder whilst he continued to work on the extension.

What Mrs Johnston was left with though was far from the extension she had imagined. Instead, the entire build was a mess and completely unsafe. It ultimately had to be torn down and is now being built again from scratch. Most of the materials used previously though can unfortunately no longer be used.

Therefore, the supportive community surrounding Mrs Johnston have decided to help her out. Steve, Andy and David at Premier Building (Northern) Ltd have shared this story with the Builder’s Talk Group on Facebook. Charitably, many of their members have offered their time to help rebuild this extension, free of charge.

Their ultimate aim though is to raise £16,000. This money will go towards funding the build and also to provide food and lodging to those who are travelling from long distances to come out and help.

Overall, they just want to help Mrs Johnston and provide her with the extension she truly deserves and try and help restore her faith in both humanity and the building trade.

So if you can help this worthy cause then please don’t hesitate to donate and show your support via:

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