“Your name, Mark Gibson, is going to be very famous.”

These were the words of Dominic MacMahon. Last week, the nation was appalled as an eighty one year old woman, suffering with dementia, was conned by cowboy Mark Gibson.

The exposing video went viral on Facebook reaching 5.5 million views! According to the video, the Zenith Windows salesman unnecessarily sold close to £6,000 of doors to this elderly woman. This would have been all of the victim Dr Collins’ life savings. Consequently, she would have no longer been able to afford her three carers which she needs to help her get up, washed and dressed.

This amount of money was unnecessary as the problem with her door was a simple mechanism issue. Following the job being posted online, one company stated it would only take £50 to fix the faulty mechanism. Within the video however Mr Gibson argues he has done nothing wrong though. He states “no I don’t prey on old people.”

However, the victim’s son Dominic MacMahon, who created the expose, stated the terms and conditions of Zenith Windows in the video. He read that the company ensures customers that salesmen “wouldn’t take payment until installation happened.” This was not the case though. Gibson left the home of the victim the same day with a check of £5,743.73.

According to sources, Mr MacMahon is now calling for “tighter controls on companies and charities who he claims take advantage of elderly and vulnerable members of the public.”

He also stated within the video that the salesman’s behaviour was “below what is expected for a human being.” Quizzing the salesman regarding his commission, he also uncovered that Gibson would of taken “around 7-10%”. Taking these figures alone, Mr Gibson would of taken £600 in commission by conning this poor woman.

However, luckily, after seeing this video a local window firm offered to fix the door mechanism for free.

Take a look at the video that captured and exposed the salesman here:

This video has shocked and angered people across the internet. But what do you think about the salesman’s actions? Have you had a similar experience yourself? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: metro.co.uk

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