As a tradesperson, there are some jobs that you will never forget. Whether that’s due to a dirty house or a top class customer, you never know what you’re walking in to. But, for some tradespeople, there will be some jobs that they will never forget, for all of the wrong reasons.

So, we decided to take a look at some of the creepiest things tradespeople had experienced on site. And some of them were well and truly shocking!

Kicking off our first story off, one tradesman described that he had once worked in a house with a dead body in it. According to the worker, he was called out to the house by landlords. However, when he arrived, the tenant living in the home had unfortunately died. The police and paramedics were present, waiting for the undertaker to arrive and take the body. He described that the entire situation was “eerie”.

“It’s just sat in the back of your mind the whole time.”

But this tradesperson wasn’t the only worker who had encountered a creepy situation on site. Far from it! In fact, one worker admitted that he was currently working in an abandoned mental asylum! Contracted to do work there, the tradesperson admitted that suspicion had got the better of him and he researched the place which was apparently haunted. Whilst there, he described that he regularly heard some weird noises. He added: “it’s even worse having to patrol it on a night when no lights work.”

One of the creepiest stories we heard from our group of tradespeople though wasn’t anything to do with their situation. It wasn’t to do with a creepy location or an unfortunate incident. Instead, it was all to do with one very creepy customer.

A tradesperson described that the incident occurred when she went to survey a property for some work to be done on behalf of the council. From the offset, the worker described that the customer seemed very strange, not interested in their reason for being there. Instead, the customer claimed that they wanted to take her into the living room so he could “kiss and cuddle” her.

Presuming that the customer was just a bit odd, with a strange sense of humour, she brushed it off. However, she soon realised that he may have had more sinister intentions than that. Whilst trying to complete the work, the tradesperson described that the customer followed her around, staying really close and in her personal space, breathing heavily and not speaking a word.

When he began to shuffle around in his pocket though, she soon identified the true nature of the situation. So, she packed her stuff up and tried to get out of there as soon as possible. However, once she got to the door, she realised that it was locked!

Luckily though, the tradesperson was able to escape from the situation through another door that the customer had left the key in. Creepy!

Some of the other creepy situations that were described by tradespeople were:
– Having to fix a digger that was in the process of digging someone’s grave.
– Working in a mortuary with someone on the table behind them.
– Having to complete work in a haunted school that used to be a hospital.
– Finding over thirty-five dead cats in a basement when on a job.
– Pulling down a ceiling sheet and having 30 used heroin needles rain down upon them.

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But what about you lot? What is the creepiest thing that you’ve experienced on site? Let us know in the comments below!

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