Did you have a good New Year’s Eve? Did you enjoy yourself a little too much? And party a little too hard? Well, there might be a few of you suffering from a hangover this morning and will probably benefit from this then.

Your liver probably isn’t feeling too happy today though after last night and the likelihood is that neither are you. You’ve more than likely woken up with either a pounding headache, feeling a horrendously sick or are shaking excessively. Or, for the unlucky ones, all three. Unless you’re one of those annoying people that never get hangovers. Lucky!

Pretty much everyone has their own methods of dealing with a hangover. Whether that’s with a greasy breakfast, chugging down a pint of water, or by giving up all hope and deciding today will be the day that you will lie on the sofa, feeling sorry for yourself, and doing absolutely nothing.

Either way, there are many different remedies and theories on how to cure a hangover; so here are a few that you can try if you’re suffering this morning.

1. Drink lots of water. An obvious one, but one that proves most effective. This method is effective because when drinking alcohol, the body sends all ingested water straight to the bladder, instead of absorbing it into the body. Consequently, this leads to dehydration which is why you’ve woken up with a thumping headache and dry mouth.


2. Drink a can of Sprite. This is an unusual one that not a lot of people are aware of. According to studies, this is the best drink to have as it helps your body process the alcohol out of your system faster.

3. Take some painkillers. Again, another obvious option. However, what many people may not know are the right ones to take. Avoid aspirin as it can result in further irritation of the stomach. Instead, try and opt for something paracetamol or ibuprofen based to help get rid of that pounding headache.

4. Have a greasy breakfast. An option chosen by many, breaking those diet based New Year resolutions. Let’s be honest, it was never going to last anyway. The greasy food though can help massively with your hangover as it will contain lots of calories that can help increase energy levels. If you’re dedicated to the diet though there are some other options. For example, a bland breakfast such as toast can help restore blood sugar levels. Another option is eating a couple of bananas as when we drink alcohol our potassium levels drop.


5. Rehydration sachets. These will help restore the minerals and salts that would have been lost when drinking alcohol. They also provide extra glucose to pick you up even more.

6. Do some exercise. It can be safely said that pretty much no one wants to do that after a messy night out. However, the increase in endorphins could help aid the hangover by making us feel happier. Or you know you could just lie in bed watching funny videos. That could make you happy too…

7. Sleep. The best option and one that many people love. Hangovers only typically last 24 hours. So go with it, have a lazy day. You deserve it after a night full of dancing.


8. Have a long hot shower. This not only freshens you up physically but also allows you to sweat out the toxins. This then stimulates endorphins which speed up your metabolism meaning you’ll be able to shake that hangover quicker.

9. Avoid the hair of the dog. Some people will swear by it and claim that it works. However, in reality, all they’re doing is delaying the inevitable. By drinking again, your hangover will just be pushed back to another day, but when it does finally hit, it will be ten times worse!

10. Don’t drink at all. But let’s be honest, no one’s going to do that, are they.

Have you woken up with a hangover this morning? Well, let us know your favourite hangover cures in the comments below!

Source: www.healthambition.com

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