Recently, a video of a rather energetic and amusing construction worker has gone viral. It’s even caught the attention of Hollywood!

It was filmed by friends on a job, who captured a fellow worker dancing to ‘Into You’ by Ariana Grande. In his work gear, he is seen doing high kicks and pelvic thrusts along to the music. After his wife shared the video with family and friends on Facebook, it soon exploded reaching millions of people.

The worker, Tony Restivo, describes: “the first 15 to 20 seconds I didn’t know.”

“Then from the corner of my eyes, I saw Anthony taping me, and he always tapes me at work when I’m doing something funny.”

This hilarious dancing was not out of the ordinary for Tony though. He states that he regularly dances at work as a way of lightening the mood. He describes: “the guys were really quiet that day, and not in good spirits.”

“It’s actually a normal thing, I dance all the time at work, to make the guys laugh and have a good time because our job is hard enough as it is.”

Tony was unaware that his video was even posted though. Never mind that it had also gone viral! It even reached Ariana Grande herself who posted the video stating “hell yeah dude.”

Take a look at Tony’s dance moves here:

But he’s not the only construction worker who loves a good bit of comedy on site.

Take a look at some more on site banter here:

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