Here at On The Tools, we tend to get a real insight into the life of a builder. From the pranks to the stereotypes, to the general day to day life. And recently, we received a rather funny and adorable submission of a bull dog living the life of a builder. So, we decided to put it together to see if this little bull dog got it right.

First things first, he headed to work in the van. Must have been a Monday morning with the look on his face.

He then grafted away until break where he got the chance to sit down with the paper for a well-deserved brew.

After his break, it was right back to it for the little bull dog only to be stopped by England’s classically rainy weather. That face says it all, he’s losing money here!

Afterwards, a spot of lunch. Well deserved after a morning of grafting in the rain. Plus, you can’t go wrong with a cheeky Greggs!

Then, finally, after a long hard day, he finally gets to go home. Of course, work won’t stop there, he’ll probably end up going back to do paperwork and invoicing. But hey, at least he can crack open a cold one whilst he gets it done.

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So what do you think? Has this little bull dog lived the true life of a builder? Or has he missed anything out? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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