Plumbers have to deal with a lot of nasty jobs. Literally. From dealing with sewage to working in the freezing cold, it’s not an easy job. But, what are the biggest pitfalls plumbers have to face?

Well, we teamed up with City Plumbing to find out just that!

1. Working in the winter.

Of course, this is pretty much standard for every trade. As the weather gets colder, those in the industry have to battle against the elements to get the job done. Not only that but for heating engineers, they tend to be busiest in the winter. This means that whilst they may not have as much work coming in during the summer, this is soon changed when winter hits and they’re getting call out after call out to come and fix a broken boiler.

And, with fixing a broken boiler comes a freezing cold house along with it. But, when the job’s done, the plumbers are like heroes to the homeowners! No one wants a cold house, and these are the guys that can save the day!

City Plumbing added: “everyone hates working in the cold. But sometimes, it has to be done.”

“One thing that might make things easier though is being prepared for the job.”

“By using our 2-hour click and collect service, you can get the parts you need from the comfort of your (warm) home.”

“With 370 branches nationwide too, you won’t be far from your nearest branch either.”

“Or, if the weather is bad, like it often is in the winter months, you can even get free next day delivery to your home for all the parts you need!”

2. Squeezing into tight and narrow spaces.

Another thing that plumbers have to deal with is squeezing into tight spaces. This trade certainly isn’t for the claustrophobic and can be a pain for plumbers who have to deal with it. But, when they get where they need to be, this is when plumbers can work their magic and get the job done.

City Plumbing continued, “squeezing into these tight spaces can be tough, even for people who don’t mind small spaces.”

“So, make sure you’re ready and have the right tools for the job when you’re in those tough spaces.”

“With knowledgeable and friendly staff in every branch, they’ll be able to help you find everything you need to get the job done quickly and safely.”

“Find your nearest branch here.”

3. The aftermath of a mistake.

Accidents happen. In all jobs and trades, sometimes mistakes happen and you have to deal with the consequences. But, for plumbers, the aftermath of some of these mistakes can be messy. Really messy. Sewage flying at you, jobs destroyed by leaking water. The aftermath can be horrible! Especially if it’s the result of a job done by a homeowner’s DIY.

City Plumbing added: “plumbers have to deal with the messy jobs that some wouldn’t want to go near.”

“But, if the unthinkable happens, make sure you’re kitted out to keep yourself covered and ready to fix things as quickly as possible.”

“Our trade guide has thousands of products for you at competitive prices. And our website has 20,000 available to choose from so take a look.”

4. Rude customers and DIY jobs.

Again, this is one of those things that many plumbers have to deal with. In fact, it’s one of the most annoying things for those in the industry. But, one thing, in particular, is when people try to do things themselves or on the cheap. Then, they call in the plumbers to fix it and don’t understand why it costs so much money. Leave it to the professionals, they know what they’re doing

City Plumbing continued, “one way to keep a customer happy though is to keep costs down.”

“Of course, you need to make a profit too and that’s why we offer competitive prices and regular deals.”

“Our trade guide is a van dashboard must have and is packed full of 480 pages worth of great deals and prices.”

“In fact, some of our top deals running right now are, a Glow-worm boiler and flue with a 10-year guarantee for only £694 excluding VAT!”

“A Mira Mixer Shower for only £81.99 excluding VAT.”

“And a Nest Learning Thermostat at only £166 excluding VAT.”

“Check out the full list of deals in the new Trade Price Guide – available in branch or online now.”

All in all, plumbers have to deal with a lot. From the cold to the tight spaces to the rude customers. It can be a tough trade to be in! But what do you think? What are the biggest pitfalls they have to deal with? Let us know in the comments below!

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