Late payments are a real issue in the industry. Fact. Tens of thousands of hard-working British tradespeople are not being paid for the work they have done. And it’s not on.

Therefore, we teamed up with Scruffs Workwear as part of their #PayWhatYouOwe campaign. Developed by Scruffs, their aim was to highlight the crippling consequences of unpaid invoices in the construction industry.

A spokesperson at Scruffs said: “Tradespeople are now increasingly at risk of severe financial burdens and pressure on their businesses, as invoices are delayed or disputed by customers.”

“Imagine if your workplace refused to pay your salary.”

“How would you pay your household bills, the mortgage and your general cost of living?”

“Our construction professionals work incredibly hard, through rain or shine, building our roads, fixing our homes and making our towns and cities nicer places to live – they deserve better than this.”

Therefore, we created this video to highlight the issue on social media. Using our man ‘Dave’, we set up a billboard with the aim of ‘shaming’ him into paying. A user-generated piece, the premise of the video was that the builder had put up the billboard after he hadn’t been paid by ‘Dave’.

Take a look at the video for yourself here:

Gaining almost a million views on Facebook, the video also gained wider attention on social media and in the press. A key talking piece, some commented on how they’d seen the billboard themselves on their travels. Others also shared their struggles with non-payment and showed their support for the campaign.

Alongside the video we created, Scruffs also launched a petition as well in order to try and envoke change. Specifically, they’re looking to provide tradespeople, particularly those who are self-employed, with more robust support. This could include establishing more rights for tradespeople when it comes to chasing invoices long beyond their due date and introducing enforceable fines for unpaid bills to deter any unnecessary late payments.

The media love to focus on the cowboy builders, but what about the cowboy customers? If you’d like to support the campaign and help give tradespeople more rights, then you can sign the petition here.

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