After being arrested for an assault he was later cleared for, decorator Jamie Clark is now suing police for a horrific accident that took place whilst he was behind bars.

Initially, Jamie was arrested for assault. After arguing with his girlfriend, the police were called and arrested him. According to police though, the decorator attempted to bite an officer. This was whilst being forced into the police van. However, after the CCTV footage was fought for, he was cleared of this charge.

Whilst being detained by police though, he unfortunately suffered substantial injuries. Ones that would significantly affect his career as a decorator. Three of his fingers ended up being chopped off in a cell door. Jamie described his experience:

“I was pepper sprayed, stripped naked and bundled into a cell by half a dozen officers.”

“I went to get out but that’s when I felt this huge pain and felt my flesh being torn away when the door was shut.”

“I was screaming in agony. I was begging officers to open the door but no one helped me.”

“The time I was stuck felt like years but really it was only seconds. I have never known fear and pain like it.”

The self employed decorator has managed to win a legal battle though to obtain the horrific footage of the accident and is now in the process of suing the police. His lawyer states: “he was arrested for an offence he wasn’t prosecuted for, and while being detained suffered serious injuries.”

“People expect to be treated fairly when they are dealing with the police.”

“We have seen evidence which suggests the police, on this occasion, deviated from the highest standards of practice.”

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