Norfolk residents have recently claimed that the nearby construction work on a nearby development site is causing structural damage to their homes.

Apparently, the homeowners of twenty houses have reported that vibrations inside and outside of their homes have caused cracks to structurally damage their property’s. Some homeowners have even remarked that the vibrations in their houses are so severe, that it is causing furniture to move!

Investigations are now underway into the state of the properties though. However, those behind the development claim that many of these cracks were apparent prior to any of the work starting. Of the eighteen houses that have been inspected, seven of which were rented out by Smart Move letting agency. Therefore, legal manager Lee Edney visited the homes in question. He stated: “some of the 18 houses have seen cracks while others vibrations.”

“Residents say they have seen cracks appear in their home since the demolition work began.”

“The main complaints are around excessive vibrations and excessive dust levels.”

“Shocks are felt in houses and commercial premises over the road and not just immediately adjacent to the site, with some reporting alleged damage internally and externally.”

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“People are saying they see floors and walls shaking, furniture moving, and vibrations bouncing them whilst in bed, while there is thick dust on wheelie bins.”

It is believed that the damage being caused is due to the heavy machinery in use on the site. However, homeowners are also concerned that there was apparently no notices from the demolition company regarding the work.

The director of Smart Move stated: “we are really concerned about the damage to these properties.”

“The machines themselves are very heavy, and besides being used to demolish the buildings, they appear to have been used to pick up, or break up, items from the ground.”

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“That would cause a lot of vibration, as you can imagine.”

Following the complaints, the site installed vibration monitoring equipment. However, construction boss Marc Freeman argues: “we initially received a complaint from one individual regarding cracks appearing on the internal and external walls of one of the houses on Hartley Street, further complaints were then received as other owners of the properties rallied.”

“Interestingly, the complaints were received from owners of the properties rather than the tenants living in the properties, as the majority are tenanted.”

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