Cook and tattoo artist Aaron Frank has transformed his garden into what can only be classed as doggy heaven!

With no previous training, Aaron set about this mammoth DIY task around two years ago. After hosting a birthday party at his home, his four large dogs had to be shut in the bedroom for most of the day. He revealed: “it broke my heart.”

So, Aaron decided to do something about it.

His goal was to create a space within his back garden in which both his family and four legged friends could enjoy. Ideally, he wanted to separate the space so that both his family and his dogs could have their own spaces.

dogs - garden - diy

The dogs enjoying their new space!

So, Aaron set to work.

With support from his wife, who was working busily as a nurse, and the need to provide space for his three teenage kids and four large dogs, Aaron was able to completely transform his space into something that went above and beyond your classic ‘dog house’.

With a three story play area and three entrances, the dog house is fully equipped with electricity and running water. Alongside this, the dogs also have three swings, a built in pool, three rabbit escape holes and plenty of space to lounge around in the sun. Aaron also installed security cameras to keep an eye on the lucky pups too. His kids have even suggested that he should add a flat screen tv so that they can watch Animal Planet as well!

dog - house - ropes

Aaron installed all kinds of things to keep his dogs entertained including rope swings and a swimming pool…

Aaron responded: “I don’t know, that might be too much haha.”

“Our dogs are a part our family and our dog house almost completes our home that we’ve been working on for 10 years.”

“For about 8 years now I’ve been working outside trying to make a space that everybody can enjoy.”

“Our house isn’t that big, and with four big dogs and 3 teenagers, it gets tight.”

“That area where it’s at [the dog house] was just grass when we moved in.”

He added: “With all this attention I’m definitely thinking of a career change!”

A good idea? We think so!

So what do you think of this? Have you created anything like this before? Or know anyone who has? Let us know in the comments below.

Image Credit: Facebook/ Aaron Franks

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