Tomorrow morning we will find out the result of one of the most controversial elections in US history.

However, in the instance that candidate Donald Trump wins, there is one big question. Can he actually build this wall?

His plan is to build a wall along the Mexico border. This is with the intention that it will stop illegal immigrants from entering the US. He states though, that this will not be funded by the US. Instead, if he is elected as president, he will be making Mexico pay for it. There is one main flaw with this plan though. Mexico are refusing to pay for it.

Trump proposes that the wall will be around 1,000 miles long. This is about half of the US border. He stated that only half was necessary due to “natural barriers.” To build this wall he has predicted that it will cost around $10 to $12 billion. However, a study by the Washington Post estimated the wall would actually cost closer to $25 billion!

Trump met with the president of Mexico, Peña Nieto, back in August. The Mexican president later revealed on Twitter that within the meeting, they had spoken about the wall. And he expressed that Mexico would most definitely not be paying for it! Two former Mexican presidents also slammed Trump’s idea. Vincente Fox argued: “I’m not going to pay for that f***ing wall.”

However, Trump simply retaliated to this saying that the wall “just got 10 feet taller.” Mr Trump also stated he could force Mexico to pay. He would do this by ransoming the country through blocking undocumented immigrants from sending money home. Or, instead of using anti-terror legislation, he also expressed that he had several other options. He could increase visa application fees, charge more for border crossing cards or enforce trade tariffs.

According to Ali F Rhuzkan though, a structural engineer from New York, it would take an estimated 339 million cubic feet of concrete to build Trump’s wall! In consideration of everything, it is apparent that Trump is promoting a concept, not a proposal. There is difficult, if not impossible factors that he has not considered.

One major issue he hasn’t considered, is that he will need to purchase the privately owned land that the border crosses. A lot of the border runs through public lands held by national parks. And with 84% of Democrats opposed to the idea of the wall, it would b highly unlikely that Congress would approve it.

This wall won’t be built though until he puts his other, completely unrealistic plan into action. The plan to deport around 11 million illegal immigrants from the US. Apparently, he’s going to round them all up and keep out all the bad ones with the wall. Right.

Studies conducted by the Cato Institute established that Trump’s plan to have complete border control with this wall, is completely unfeasible. They stated: “there is simply no way for a large, open and democratic country like the United States to construct and maintain perfect border defences.”

So what do you think? As members of the construction industry, do you think it’s feasable for Trump to build this wall? Let us know in the comments below.