The new tax year is fast approaching with just three weeks left to go. So, what does this mean for construction workers?

Well, according to studies, HMRC could actually owe you some money. If you’ve travelled in your own vehicle to different sites since April 2016, then chances are you could be owed up to £2,000. Not only that, but a first time claim could grab you even more money as you can go back up to four years!

So, if your circumstances have changed in the past tax year and you’ve been travelling to sites in your own vehicle then you could soon have some extra money sitting in the bank. But how can you claim this back?

Well, that’s where Construction Reclaims can help. All you need to provide them with is a list of the sites you’ve worked on and when. Then, with a few extra details and a signature from yourself providing them access to speak to HMRC on your behalf, you could soon have some more money in the bank.

So, if you no longer have a work van and have to use your own vehicle to get to work, don’t miss out. This tax year you could claim an extra £2,000!

So what do you think? Could you claim? Head over to www.constructionreclaims.co.uk/employed-tax-refund/ now to see if you’re eligible to claim!

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