According to recent research, 37% of painters and decorators feel that doing a good job is more important than maximising profits or getting a job done quickly.

Surveying hundreds of painters and decorators from across the UK, Dulux Trade looked into how these tradespeople worked, and what they need to get the job done. From this, they were able to develop their new Vinyl Matt formulation, with the needs of the professional in mind!

Within their research, they focused on the current professionals within the industry, looking into their bugbears and the issues they faced within the sector. The results showed that across the decorators surveyed, there was one big focus: quality! They found that for painters and decorators, quality was of utmost importance with 52% claiming they had worked extra hours to get the job done.

Alongside this, a further 80% stated that for them, professional training was essential. Especially when it came to maintaining their reputation! Three in ten also added that they had invested in training for their employees to boost their company reputation.

In order to do a good job though, the decorators surveyed emphasised the importance of using the right products and tools. Nearly 50% felt that it was vital to use high-quality paint in order to get the optimum finish. 30% also added that they had even convinced clients to ‘trade up’ their paint in order to achieve a better finish. Furthering their reputation once more!

However, one thing that was found to be annoying amongst most decorators though was clients perceptions. Specifically, the view that painters use poor quality paint so that they can help keep costs down.

Dulux Trade didn’t just complete this study to take a look at the lives of tradespeople though. Instead, they used it to develop a new formulation that caters to the needs of the professionals using it. Two years worth of research and development later, they have now recently launched their highly anticipated Vinyl Matt formulation.

With an improved consistency, the new formulation provides a high-quality finish with ease. Production development scientists AkzoNobel’s described: “We carried out this research to find out more about decorators’ concerns across a range of issues.”

“The results give a renewed perspective on the priorities of professional appliers today and will help us focus on relevant propositions.”

“We have dedicated a huge amount of time to understanding appliers’ and specifiers’ real needs and there’s no doubt that after two years of investment, we’ve produced a Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt range that delivers the level of excellence expected from Dulux Trade.”

“The paint has been put through rigorous testing processes to ensure that what we’ve delivered will meet their expectations, whether it’s being used for brush, spray or roller application.”

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