Construction sites are full of pranks. From plaster bags to air horns and your classic jump scares, pranks are a part of daily life on site. How else are you supposed to get through the long days?

Well, with the hot weather we’ve been having, we’ve seen a definite surge in water-based pranks. And, for this unlucky construction worker, he was subject to the ‘dumpster truck prank’.

Asleep in a chair, the worker looks content, relaxing whilst on his lunch break. However, this is set to soon change as his workmate can be seen driving a dumper truck towards him. The other two sat with him quickly jump up running out of the way as they realise what is happening.

It’s at that moment the worker driving the digger dumps water all over the worker. Waking up startled, the tradesman is soaked and his lunch is also well and truly ruined. Angry, the worker looks down at his clothes which are now drenched and sticking to him.

Annoyed he goes: “Nah lads, I’ve had enough of it.”

“I’m going home!”

Although, this just spurred the workers on even more. Instead, they began singing “he’s going home!”

Plus, that slo-mo at the end is just priceless! Take a look at the video for yourself here:

Created for Triton Showers, this video went down a storm with people finding this new prank hilarious! Gaining almost 850k views, thousands of people shared and engaged with the video too. But what do you think of this?

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