Recently, an electrician has been accused of stabbing his work mate to death. The weapon used was apparently a razor blade which the electrician used to stab the victim to death.

According to sources, the motive behind the killing was because the co worker had smelly feet! Apparently, he was asleep on the floor during his break and had put his feet up facing the suspected electrician. When the suspect then asked him to move, the victim refused. It was at this point that the two workers began to argue before other nearby workers broke up the fight that had erupted.

However, this was not enough for the twenty two year old electrician. Apparently, he then rushed to a nearby warehouse, grabbed a razor blade, and began to stab the victim in the neck.

CCTV footage captured the electrician hiding the razor blade behind his back prior to stabbing the victim three to four times. When the Pakistani electrician faced the Dubai courts though, he pleaded not guilty to premeditated murder. He stated: “I did not plan that in advance.”

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“We had a fight and when he tried to assault me, I assaulted him back.”

Police revealed though that he did claim that “when the deceased cursed him, he felt angry, so he got the razor from the warehouse and stabbed the victim.”

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