An Australian electrician has recently been fired after it was uncovered by his bosses that he was skipping work to play golf. Getting away with it, the electrician used a crisp packet to shield his work-issued tracker.

Sixty-year-old Tom Colella was not happy about this though and took his bosses to an employment tribunal. He claimed, that he was unfairly dismissed. However, the Fair Work commission didn’t side with the worker. Instead, they sided with his bosses after discovering the worker had been bunking off, using a crisp packet to block the signal from his tracker.

According to reports, the foil packaging was able to block the electromagnetic GPS signals of the tracker. These would have been able to pick up the electrician’s exact location. Unaware of this, the tradesman’s employers were told via an anonymous tip that stated the worker was playing golf during working hours.

Overall, it was found that the electrician had skipped work at least 140 times between 2014 and 2016. The company also found 21 examples where his company access card was not used on sites that he was supposed to be working on.

The worker claimed though that his tracker had simply suffered a ‘glitch’. However, the commissioner ruled that instead, the tradesman was being “deliberately mischievous”.

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