The On The Tools awards are back again for another year. And, today, we need your help in deciding who should win our ‘Electrician of the Year’ award, sponsored by Ring.

A ceremony dedicated to honouring the UK’s tradespeople, we ask you, the boots on the ground to choose our winners. So, let’s meet our shortlist…

First up we have electrician Joshua Lang.

After winning ‘Electrician of the Year’ in 2017, Josh has changed his outlook on his working life. Doing lots of work for disabled children and adults, he always puts others first. Not only that but by holding the title, Josh has been able to show what you can achieve if you put the work in.

Going through a variety of different struggles in life, including an accident back in 2013 that left him wheelchair bound, Josh has never given up. Instead, he put the work in, learning to walk again, determined to continue his work for others.

Josh described himself as a: “Trained electrician with the ability to use a sweeping brush, (and do), I also curl my cables up into back boxes for the plasterers on site haha.”

He added, “Seriously though, I would be very honoured and proud to win the electrician of the year award.”

“I take part in a lot of charity work for disabled children and adults and I am very grateful for the recognition for this, I do it for those involved to better the quality of their lives.”

“I am grateful to my nominee for the opportunity they have given to me and would like to thank all involved at On The Tools, Don’t Panic Projects, the public visiting the voting page and to all my fellow BOBs (Band of Builders).”

A brilliant nominee, joining Josh on the shortlist is the fantastic…

Theo Webster

A talented young man who lives for his business, Theo has also had some experience with the award life. Like Josh, he too has won before and also came runner-up last year as well. With swells of support and recommendations, Theo has only been self-employed for a few years but has already accomplished so much.

Taking on an apprentice and sub-contractors, Theo works for his family. In fact, he often does 7 am to 11 pm days in order to give them the best life. Not only that, but he also puts his customers first too. Knowing how expensive life is nowadays Theo spends hours searching for the best material prices. His aim is to provide “the best quality work for the most affordable price.”

When he was told he’d been shortlisted Theo added: “Between myself, my apprentice and my team of subcontractors, we carry out all aspects of electrical work; big or small.”

“To be recognised for this award is a real privilege, and to win would really be a testament to all the hard work I have put into my company for the last three years to get to where I am today.”

“I want to thank for my wife and daughter for being my drive and passion.”

“They are the two things that keep me going.”

“And of course, thanks to all the On the Tools team and everyone at Don’t Panic for selecting myself for the shortlist, very proud to be here.”

So what do you think? Who should win? Have your say and vote for your ‘Electrician of the Year’ here.

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