With the On The Tools awards fast approaching, it’s now time for you guys to cast your vote!

‘Electrician of the Year’ is a tough category this year with three strong candidates making the shortlist. It’s up to you to decide though who is the best.

Our first electrician, shortlisted for ‘Electrician of the Year’ is Jack Hartley. He told On The Tools that it’s “a privilege and an honour to be nominated for this awards.”

He continues: “In the face of adversity I stood strong and never let it stop me reaching my goals of being a qualified electrician, which I can proudly say I am.”


Winning the award to Jack would be the “icing on the cake” and “truly proves that hard work always pays off in the end.”

This isn’t you’re only candidate up for the award though! There is also electrician Theo Webster. He is 22 years of age and from the Devon area. He has been self employed since April 2016. In doing so he hoped he would be able to give his wife and daughter a better life.

He describes himself as being “very passionate” and that he thoroughly enjoys his job. To him, the importance of “ensuring all my customers get a top quality service” is prominent.


This is not Theo’s only achievement though! Back in 2015 he was also ranked as one of the top three electricians in the UK in the World Skills competition in Sau Paulo.

He added that “to win this award would make my family very proud and be a great start to a long career ‘on the tools’.”

And finally, we also have Tom Crabbe up for the award. At 24 years old, he runs his own small company called Tom Crabbe Electrical. Based in Dorset, he has ran this company for a little over three years now.


He even has his children following his footsteps describing to On The Tools that of his two children, (ages one and three) “the eldest already try’s to help running cables!”

Tom has also completed voluntary work too as RNLI lifeboat crew member. He has been doing this for around 5 years and has “recently started the training to progress to Helms man.”

So there are our candidates! Who do you think should win? Head over to onthetoolsawards.co.uk and cast your vote now!