Apparently, electricity, water and gas workers could be soon looking at Premier League level salaries! You lucky sods! According to officials though, this is due to the skills shortage. Apparently, if it is not dealt with by employers and the government, it could result in large pay checks for many of you guys.

Develop Training Limited, issued the warning. The CEO of the company Chris Wood stated: “the chronic skills shortage in the utilities, energy and construction industries means companies are fishing from the same small pool of talent.”

According to Wood, this is “inevitably pushing up salaries.”

Of course, an increase in wages will be great news for all you lot working in the gas, electrical and water sectors to hear. However, the same can’t be said for your customers. Apparently, your wage increase will have a negative knock on effect upon them. This is because the cost of your rising wage bills will have to be passed onto the customer. In the form of a service charge.

Wood states: “if the skills shortage isn’t tackled head on, those few who do have the skills and experience will become more and more valuable.”

“We desperately need to attract and train young people to take the place of the ageing work force in these vital industries.”

“If we can turn this situation around, we can have confidence that the lights will stay on, our heating will continue to warm our houses, and our taps will continue to provide running water.”

“Otherwise, the day is fast approaching when there will simply not be enough workers available.”

Wood recommends that changes also need to be made to encourage new people to join the industry. He proposes that people “need to be made aware of the benefits of apprenticeships and the opportunities available.”

Not only that, but he also feels that the image of the industry needs to be altered. He feels that currently, there is a prejudice that the industry is mainly “manual labour.”

Therefore, he believes that the “vital, skilled work” is consequently being overlooked.

So what do you think? Do you feel the skills shortage is a problem? Or are you looking forward to earning some Premier League level wages? Let us know in the comments below.


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