Apparently, construction firms that hire plumbers or bricklayers from the EU could soon be charged up to £6,000 in fees. This decision is currently being looked at by the Home Office with the aim to encourage bosses to train British workers instead.

The idea was introduced by ex-diplomat Lor Green who stated: “what is really necessary is to get going and train our own people.”

“Unless there is a financial requirement for firms to do this, they won’t.”

The idea has been nicknamed the ‘plumber penalty’. The £6,000 fee would be based on the cost of work visas for these EU workers. Within the first year, it would cost employers £1,000. However, this would soon double in the second year to £2,000 and to £3,000 in the third year. So for a three-year project, employers could be facing a fee of £6,000 to employ one single EU worker.

However, The Sun have stated that: “setting a low, rigid figure for immigration is pointless if it leaves employers short of workers.”

“We want to see it at a level our communities and infrastructure can cope with.”

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This is from their ‘The Sun Says’ section which continued to describe that “setting a rigid, low figure – as the Tories intend in their manifesto – is counter-productive if it leaves employers short of workers, as in some areas and industries they already are.”

“Yes, firms should prioritise training Brits, paying decent wages and not relying on cheap foreign staff.”

“But our government must be flexible in regulating the influx, not bound by a limit dreamed up by David Cameron.”

So what do you think of this? Do you think this ‘plumber penalty’ should be introduced? Let us know in the comments below.


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