For a tradesman, their tools are their livelihoods. Without them, they can’t work and in turn, this can cause them major financial stress and difficulties.

Unfortunately though, tool theft is at an all-time high. With vans being broken into and tools being stolen left, right and centre, something needs to change. So, on this site, these workers decided to take their tool safety to a new level. From ball pit balls, camouflaging their toolboxes and good old chains and padlocks. These guys were all about that extreme tool safety.

Take a look at some of the ideas these workers came up with here:

Created in conjunction with insurance providers Simply Business, this video was filmed in a user-generated style to highlight the growing issue of tool theft across UK construction. Not only that, but to also highlight the importance of making sure your tools are insured. With a call to action to join the fight to end tool theft, we were able to showcase Simply Business as another tool safety option: insurance. In fact, 125,000 people already choose Simply Business to protect their tools.

Viewed by over eight hundred thousand people too, their message was certainly heard and was a great brand awareness piece for the insurance provider. But what do you think? Let us know!

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