When it comes to securing your tools and equipment, is this really a top priority for you? Are you more concerned about getting hold of the right tools and getting the job done? Have you ever thought about the impact tool theft would have on your livelihood?

With tool theft on the rise, it’s never been a more important time to protect your tools! Thieves are becoming more savvy in the way they enter the vehicle, whether it’s a small van or a tipper truck. The cost of specialist tools and equipment is ever increasing and it’s about time we outsmart these culprits!

Here are some interesting facts. Did you know:
According to police.uk, a break-in takes as little as 10 seconds. The time it would take you to tie your shoelace! If you suffered a break-in and your valuable tools and equipment were taken, could you continue your job without them? From the cost of replacing your tools, fixing your vans and repaying your lost wages, the loss of tools can ruin a tradesperson.

Van Vault found the average value of items stored in a vehicle is over a whopping £1700! With daily access to your power tools and accessories required, if your tools and equipment were stolen, the reality is you wouldn’t be able to continue your job without them.

Ukcrimestats.com reported over 39,000 vehicle crimes took place in March 2017 – have you protected all entry points to your vehicle? How safe is your work vehicle?

Top tips for securing your tools:
Block entry points to your vehicle when you leave it overnight. This could be parking close against a wall to block access being gained through your main door.

Make use of door locks which can be easily fitted. There are some great products on the market which fit all door types, shapes and sizes and are a great, safe way to keep your tools safely locked away from prying thieves!

If you park your vehicle away from your house and have the ability to store high-valued items away from your vehicle i.e. a locked garage, inside your home – move them to a more secure area! This will eliminate the chances of your expensive equipment being stolen from your vehicle.

Make use of secure storage units inside your vehicle. There are a number of styles, sizes and features to suit your needs – ensure that you know what tools you want to protect and get the right unit for you! Van Vault has a guide to help choose your next secure storage solution! Click here to find the right solution for you.

What’s the most important tool for you to protect in your vehicle? Let us know today!

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