Unfortunately, another tradesman has become a victim of tool theft. This incident has had a “massive impact” on the entire family, including his two young children. Now, they no longer feel safe and are over £3,500 out of pocket.

The incident took place just before Christmas. Joiner, Craig Littlewood, had parked his van on the road outside of his house. Then, between 8pm and 8:30pm, thieves peeled back his van door and stole  his tools.

They were able to do this without the family hearing or seeing a thing.

His wife, Emma, describes: “we were absolutely heartbroken.”

“They took everything down to a Makita radio.”

This theft has set the family back £5,000. They have had to spend £3,500 to replace the tools. And a further £1,500 to fix the van. But that’s not all. It has also had an emotional impact upon the family. Emma describes: “you felt like you were being watched.”

“Our two children were in the house at the time. The emotional side for them is awful.”

Not only that, but the theft has also resulted in joiner Craig having to empty his van of his tools every night. This means that he is apparently not finishing until two in the morning due to the lugging of all of his tools inside.

His wife describes: “he is unloading his van every night. I really fear for him.”

“What if they are watching us? Someone has stripped you of your livelihood. We are cautious.”

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Source: www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk