Specialist in construction, this company have been established for eleven years. They are not, however, your average recruitment company. Farsight go the extra step from simply caring about their candidates and clients. They also care about giving back and helping others.

Every year, the company hold a meeting to discuss the usual business stuff and celebrate the achievements of the year. This is not all though they do though. This meeting is also designed to decide which charity the company will support and raise money for in the upcoming year.

Individuals who feel strongly about charitable causes are invited to pitch for support. These presentations focus on the person’s chosen charity and why they personally feel it should be supported. The Farsight team then anonymously vote for the winner. The charity who get the most votes across the team are then adopted as the supported charity for that business year.

This year, Pip (the marketing manager) put forward the successful charity. She created a very personal video presentation about her nephew William. Diagnosed at the young age of one, William suffers with Langerhans’ Cell Histiocytosis. At only four years old, he has therefore had to suffer with this most of his life.

LCH is a very rare disease. It occurs when too many Langerans cells are created by the body. These cells then spread through the blood stream. They can then build up within certain parts of the body. Unfortunately, this can then lead to the formation or tumours and damage to bodily tissue. Young William has to deal with this daily. Currently though, he is receiving chemotherapy. This is alongside steroid treatment which he has been on for the last three years to try and combat the disease.

Therefore, Pip and the team decided to support the charity Histio UK. Their work and research programmes provide hope for many children and adults battling with Langerhans’ Cell Histiocytosis disease.

Following the success of last years nominated charity, the Padley Group, Farsight are hoping for the same amount of success this year for Histio UK. They were able to raise nearly £4000 last year. This was all used to help the charitable homeless centre following the government pulling their funding. Therefore, Farsight are dedicated in trying to ensure that as much money as possible is also raised for Histio UK. This is to ensure that their amazing and inspiring work can continue.

If you’d like to have a look at Farsight’s past and present charity work please take a look on www.farsightrecruitment.co.uk. Also, please don’t hesitate to visit their Just Giving page and donate now! No amount is too small and all donations will go towards helping this inspirational charity continue to do their astounding work.