A bricklayer was recently working on a new build property when then floor gave away from underneath him.

This led to the bricklayer falling 2.4 metres to the ground, from the first floor. Approximately seventy building blocks also fell with the worker, leaving him with a broken foot. He was one of three bricklayers who were also instructed to work on the unsafe floor.

The first floor was not fully completed and it was found that the supporting joists had not been properly installed. This consequently left the floor very unstable and not appropriate for the bricklayers to have been working on.

One HSE officer described: “this incident could have been much more serious for a number of workers and should act as a reminder to everyone within construction – that protecting workers’ health and safety is vital in such a potentially dangerous industry.”

Balfour Beatty Regional Construction Ltd was running the site where the incident took place. In response to this, they have now been fined for breaching regulations. They have now also been ordered to pay £230,000 in fines too and a further £11,915 in additional costs as well.

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Source: www.theconstructionindex.co.uk

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